Insurance Distribution in Italy: post-downturn scenarios

Insurance Distribution In Italy: Post-downturn Scenarios

The existing insurance distribution structure in Italy, like that in continental Western Europe, is becoming outdated. This is a major obstacle for the various countries' insurance systems, now struggling towards increased efficiency. What kind of transformation is possible for agent…


Exclusive content cross-carriage obligation in Singapore: an innovative intervention that promises to create value for all stakeholders

Exclusive Content Cross-carriage Obligation In Singapore: An Innovative Intervention That Promises To Create Value For All Stakeholders

Singapore's pay TV industry is experiencing a transformation. The advent of fierce competition and rights bidding, followed by a controversial regulatory development, namely the Media Development Authority of Singapore's (MDA) proposed introduction of an “exclusive content cross-carriage measure”, has captured…


Arab Media Outlook 2009-2013. Inspiring local contents

  • febbraio 2010
  • Idee
Arab Media Outlook 2009-2013. Inspiring Local Contents

È disponibile la terza edizione dell'Arab Media Outlook, la più importante pubblicazione dedicata allo sviluppo del settore media nell'area. Value Partners ha collaborato con il Dubai Press Club nella stesura e pubblicazione dell'edizione 2009-2013.


MENA Region: Marhaba to the world

MENA Region: Marhaba To The World

Marhaba means “welcome” in Arabic. It's a word that perfectly reflects not only the warmth and hospitality of the Arab culture, but also its opening up to the world. This particular issue of the Value Partners newsletter is entirely dedicated,…