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We handle change with courage, determination and good sense.

We are a management consulting firm. Whatever contributes to reinforcing your company’s competitive positioning is strategic to us.

Our mission is to assist clients from the definition of their strategy and business targets to the execution of their change management programs, as well as supporting their technological innovation roadmaps. For this reason, our clients’ change management challenges become our own challenges.

We deploy this approach all over the world, integrating vision and skills of our two divisions: Value Partners Management Consulting and Value Partners Digital Technology.

We were the first, at the beginning of the 2000s, to successfully integrate business and IT / digital, fully aware that this synergy offers an exceptional opportunity to create value for our clients.

We do take a stance. Our approach is pragmatic and our recommendations actionable. Clients come before anything else but the quality of our work. This is our style and our clients widely acknowledge it.

Wherever your business goes you can count on our 150 professionals from 7 offices across 3 continents.

In our History

2016 – Exage, digital technology integrator, is founded.

2011 – NTT DATA, one of Japan’s largest IT Services companies, acquires Value Team.

2008 – The new Milan headquarter is inaugurated: the office is moved to Via Vespri Siciliani, in the new building with a distinctive and highly environmentally sustainable architecture.

2006 – The Istanbul and Buenos Aires offices are established.

2005 – The Shanghai office is opened. Value Team IT Consulting & Solutions is founded, by integrating and leveraging on the distinctive competencies of VP Web, VP Tech and the newly acquired IT firms.

2000 – VP Web is founded, a highly technological system integration company.

1994 – The São Paulo office is founded and activities are expanded to South America.

2018 – Foundation of Value Partners Digital Technology, that integrates Exage’s skills and professionalism.

2013 – Value Partners celebrates its first 20 years of activity!

2010 – Value Team acquires Netvalue and the Radio Access R&D division of Nokia Siemens Networks Italy.

2007 – Value Team takes-over Etnoteam and becomes the third largest Italian player in IT consulting, with a network of over 2600 professionals, of which 600 abroad.
Value Partners acquires the English firm Spectrum Strategy Consulting and opens the London, Hong Kong and Singapore offices.

2004 – VP Web acquires three IT companies: TeleAp, Software Factory e Webegg.

2003 – After only 10 years from its foundation, Value Partners is the largest Italian strategy consulting firm.

1999 – The Rome office is established.

Value Partners is founded in Milano

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