Un ingegnere Polimi ad Hong Kong

An Alumni Polimi Management Consulting interview to Adriano Giaquinta, Associate of the Hong Kong office and Polimi Alumnus, about his professional experience in Hong Kong […]

Con la fibra il mercato riparte – le Telco pronte alla battaglia aspettano lo sbarco di Niel

The new telecom market situation in Italy after the merge between Wind and 3. With a contribution by Enrico Lanzavecchia, Director. […]

Ali Güven: We aim at providing solutions for the telecommunications sector to improve customer retention and loyalty

An interview to Ali Güven, Principal and Office Manager of the Istanbul and Dubai offices, on the telecommunications sector in the MENA region, where Value […]

Value Partners at the Dubai Capital Club

Ali Güven, Principal and Office Manager of the Istanbul and Dubai offices, held a meeting at the Dubai Capital Club on Dec. 12th, that was […]

Luca Luciani joins Value Partners

Value Partners reinforces its partnership with the arrival of Luca Luciani as a Managing Director. […]

Mercato delle torri cellulari, ecco cos’è e perché è al boom

What is the mobile towers’ market and why is it experiencing a boom period? With a comment by Value Partners on the towers’ market in […]

Telecom verso lo scorporo della rete. Ecco perché ora è una via obbligata

Telecom Italia’s web spinning off is an unavoidable choice that will make the transition from copper to fiber easier and will allow the company to […]

Inwitt-Cellnex, l’arrocco delle torri ecco perché la fusione non è l’unica via

Inwitt and Cellnex, Telecom Italia’s spin-offs, could compete with giants such as American Towers and CrownCastle. But the broadband rules are still too uncertain in […]

Fibra? Allacciatela come Google

Broad band in Italy: Giorgio Rossi Cairo, President and Managing Director, explains why we are late compared with several countries and how we can make […]

Mobile, la sfida è la tv Tim in vantaggio con Sky Wind aspetta Metroweb e la nuova asta è a rischio

The Italian mobile telco operators’ aim is increasing their internet profit not only through the data exchange: the new challenge is the TV. With a […]

The policy and prospects of China’s fixed broadband market liberalization

A new perspective devoted to the “policy on the pilot of fixed broadband market liberalization” in China, that encourages civil capital to enter fixed broadband […]

O2O: Is It a War or Cooperation?

The relationship between the offline and the online commerce, as well as the global future development of the O2O model. With a contribution by Jane […]

Telecommunication towers’ market grows as industry shifts

The evolution of the telecommunication towers’ market in Brazil. With a contribution by Francesco Pellegrino, Partner. […]

Xiaomi Staked in iQiyi with RMB1.8 Billion to Strengthen Video Content Service

Xiaomi Inc, a smartphone maker, recently invested on iQiyi, a videostreaming platform backed by Baidu Inc. What is the purpose of this investment? […]

E-commerce: the new opportunity for Western China to have leapforward

The opportunities offered by e-commerce in Western China. With a contribution by ChengFen (Jane) Hou, Partner. […]

Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange a caccia di reti da offrire alle tv

TLC operators search for networks to offer to tv channels: as the pay-tvs competition is on the web, cables and optical fiber are a best […]

Mobile roaming: which way does the road lead?

The prohibitive costs of mobile roaming push several users not to use their mobile phones when travelling abroad, so penalizing the operators’ income. The article […]

Learn from Overseas Market: How Will the Regulators Solve the Virtual Operation Problem?

More and more virtual operators participate in the telecommunications market; in spite of this, the price of the service has not been decreased. An article […]

The Future of Mobile Roaming Helping mobile operators remain competitive in the evolving landscape

A new perspective devoted to the future of mobile roaming and opportunities for operators. […]

Connected as it never was. The launch of China’s MVNOs

A new perspective devoted to the launch of MVNO in China. […]