Sostenibilità delle cure, una sfida da 26 mld

The sustainability of the healthcare public expenses in Italy, with a particular focus on the fight to hepatitis C. An article by Daniela Scaramuccia, Partner, […]

O2O: Is It a War or Cooperation?

The relationship between the offline and the online commerce, as well as the global future development of the O2O model. With a contribution by Jane […]

Ora si giochi d’anticipo

The Italian banks are looking for new ways to overcome their impaired loans. Based on an analysis by Value Partners on the main Italian banks’ […]

Telecommunication towers’ market grows as industry shifts

The evolution of the telecommunication towers’ market in Brazil. With a contribution by Francesco Pellegrino, Partner. […]

I porti italiani svettano in Europa

The Italian harbors, where almost half the European passengers’ traffic transits, are the best performing harbors in Europe. Based on an analysis by Value Partners […]

Xiaomi Staked in iQiyi with RMB1.8 Billion to Strengthen Video Content Service

Xiaomi Inc, a smartphone maker, recently invested on iQiyi, a videostreaming platform backed by Baidu Inc. What is the purpose of this investment? […]

Ma è vera gloria?

The Italian banks’ profits have increased but their earnings remain stable: according to an analysis by Value Partners’ credit margins are still low; mergers are […]

Value Partners bolsters Asia capabilities with key senior hires

The new management asset in Value Partners’ Asian offices. […]

Gabor Friedenthal, Partner, ospite di Jole Saggese a ”Missione risparmio” su Class CNBC

The episode on October 28 was devoted to the changes for money savers after some European banks flunked the stress tests. […]

E-commerce: the new opportunity for Western China to have leapforward

The opportunities offered by e-commerce in Western China. With a contribution by ChengFen (Jane) Hou, Partner. […]

Sistema plasma al countdown

The Italian plasma collection system and the useful actions to reach self-sufficiency were the main issues at the Festival della Salute, a workshop on public […]

E-commerce: the new opportunity for Western China to have leapforward

The opportunities offered by e-commerce in Western China. With a contribution by ChengFen (Jane) Hou, Partner. […]

Dynamic ticket pricing. Squeezing more juice from half time oranges

A new perspective devoted to the benefits of the dynamic ticket pricing (DTP) in the sport industry. It is a pricing strategy according to which […]

Value Partners Strengthens Senior China Team with New Partner

Chengfen (Jane) Hou, of the Beijing office, has been elected Partner. […]

Serie A sull’aereo

Selling Serie A soccer tickets using the channels of international carriers would have several benefits. An article based on Value Partners perspective “Dynamic ticket pricing. […]

Obbligatorio diventare grandi per uscire dalla crisi

The Italian model of small banks isn’t sustainable any more due to its high costs. M&A, outsourcing and concentration can be the solution to fight […]

Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange a caccia di reti da offrire alle tv

TLC operators search for networks to offer to tv channels: as the pay-tvs competition is on the web, cables and optical fiber are a best […]

Mobile roaming: which way does the road lead?

The prohibitive costs of mobile roaming push several users not to use their mobile phones when travelling abroad, so penalizing the operators’ income. The article […]

Industria, ‘gioielli’ italiani a rischio

The Italian industrial politics’ strategic choices are essential to re-launch the manufacturing industry and save important companies from being sold. With a contribution by Giorgio […]

Value Partners: Traffic, Insights, Effectiveness and Range, Four Key Motivations for O2O

An article on O2O, Online to Offline, based on Value Partners whitepaper, “Online to Offline: What is In for Traditional Retailers”, written by Thomas Wu, […]