GCC Market – Overview and Economic Outlook 2017: A challenging transformation ahead to achieve desirable Growth

Armando Guastella and Alex Menghi, EM of the Dubai office, with the cooperation of Carlo Bagarolo, ASC, Matteo Cutrera and Ginevra Zanuso, BA of the […]

Ali Güven: We aim at providing solutions for the telecommunications sector to improve customer retention and loyalty

An interview to Ali Güven, Principal and Office Manager of the Istanbul and Dubai offices, on the telecommunications sector in the MENA region, where Value […]

Value Partners at the Dubai Capital Club

Ali Güven, Principal and Office Manager of the Istanbul and Dubai offices, held a meeting at the Dubai Capital Club on Dec. 12th, that was […]

Luca Luciani joins Value Partners

Value Partners reinforces its partnership with the arrival of Luca Luciani as a Managing Director. […]

Giorgio Rossi Cairo founded Exage

Giorgio Rossi Cairo founded Exage, a new player that puts together in the technological and strategic consultancy excellences and will guide companies through the fourth […]

Industria 4.0 “Vi aiutiamo a fare la rivoluzione”

An interview to Value Partners President Giorgio Rossi Cairo on Exage, the digital company he recently founded, that puts together the technological and strategic consultancy […]

Colpo alla redditività

The eight largest Italian banks’ profits decreased during the first nine months of 2016 due to low interest rates and additional credit adjustments. Based on […]

Mercato delle torri cellulari, ecco cos’è e perché è al boom

What is the mobile towers’ market and why is it experiencing a boom period? With a comment by Value Partners on the towers’ market in […]

How to set up an online store in Dubai

How and why should SME set up e-commerce platforms in the UAE? An article by Alex Menghi, Engagement Manager of the Dubai office. […]

Barilla e Reuters lanciano il premio Foodlitzer

Riccardo Monti is back to Value Partners as a member of the Board of Directors after his experience as the President of ICE, the National […]

Credito, è attesa una risalita

The Italian banks’ credit quality is improving though profits are decreasing. Based on an analysis by Value Partners on the eight largest Italian banks. […]

Svolta di Riad per il 2030: meno petrolio più industria

Saudi Arabia’s economy is heading to a radical transformation: less oil, more industry and more space to foreigners in the tourism, defence, education and healthcare […]

Npl in calo ma utili bassi

The eight largest Italian banks have confirmed their strong balance sheet in the first half of 2016, but their profits remain low. With comments by […]

Telecom verso lo scorporo della rete. Ecco perché ora è una via obbligata

Telecom Italia’s web spinning off is an unavoidable choice that will make the transition from copper to fiber easier and will allow the company to […]

Metà utili allo sportello

The eight biggest Italian banks’ profits have collapsed by half in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the first quarter of 2015. With comments […]

Em una sociedade de consumo, o que é melhor: gastar ou poupar?

At the Recover Money event organised by Fecomercio experts analysed the Brazilian consumers’ tendency to spend more than they save, and the possible financial outcomes […]

Pulizia dei bilanci e norme più rigide. L’estate calda di Popolari e Bcc

The Italian government’s reforms of the banking sector, that is crucial for the Italian economy. Based on a research by the Value Partners’ Financial Institutions […]

Digitalizing the less usual suspects in the B2C universe

Un nuovo perspective dedicato alla digitalizzazione dell’universo B2C e alle conseguenze per gli operatori che non si adeguano al passaggio al digitale. […]

Diversifying Saudi

The Saudi Arabian government has placed a strong emphasis on the need for economic diversification in the country. With a contribution by Francesco Pavoni, Director […]

SME in Italy

A new perspective devoted to the key issues for PE funds investing in SMEs in Italy March. […]