The policy and prospects of China’s fixed broadband market liberalization

A new perspective devoted to the “policy on the pilot of fixed broadband market liberalization” in China, that encourages civil capital to enter fixed broadband […]

O2O: Is It a War or Cooperation?

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E-commerce: the new opportunity for Western China to have leapforward

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Value Partners Strengthens Senior China Team with New Partner

Chengfen (Jane) Hou, of the Beijing office, has been elected Partner. […]

Value Partners: Traffic, Insights, Effectiveness and Range, Four Key Motivations for O2O

An article on O2O, Online to Offline, based on Value Partners whitepaper, “Online to Offline: What is In for Traditional Retailers”, written by Thomas Wu, […]

Learn from Overseas Market: How Will the Regulators Solve the Virtual Operation Problem?

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Online to offline. What is in for traditional retailers?

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Value Partners issued a white paper on e-commerce strategy

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What does it take for brands to go digital. Same but different

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Connected as it never was. The launch of China’s MVNOs

A new perspective devoted to the launch of MVNO in China. […]

New approaches for MVNOs

The approaches that MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) are utilizing in China. With an interview to Jane Hou, SEM of the Beijing office. […]