Report Banche 3M 2023

The data for the first three months relating to the performance of the main Italian banking institutes. The periodic analysis of Value Partners. […]

Utili al salto triplo

The quarterly results of the largest five Italian banks show sharply increasing profits and stand at 4.8 billion, a figure three times the profits of […]

Report Banche FY 2022

Value Partners’ periodic analysis of the performance of major Italian banks. Update 2022 FY. […]

Conti d’oro in banca

Golden profits in 2022 for Italian top-5 banking institutions: +66% y/y, the highest value ever in Value Partners’ survey. Since their excellent health, Italian major […]

Report Banche 9M 2022

Value Partners’ periodic analysis of the 9-Months performance of major Italian banks. […]

La spinta dei tassi

In the first nine months of the year, the top-5 Italian banking institutions increased profits by 5.5% YoY thanks to the positive impact of the […]

Value Partners, global management consulting firm, reinforces its partnership with the election, in Milan, of a new partner: Guido Jung

Milan, October 2022 – Guido Jung, 35 years old, has been elected as new partner in Value Partners. Guido started his career in Value Partners […]

Report Banche 1H 2022

Value Partners’ periodic analysis on the first-half performance of major Italian banks […]

La crisi può attendere

During the first six months of the year, main Italian banking institutions have shown the ability to counter the macroeconomic slowdown and the uncertainties caused […]

Mosca dimezza l’utile

In the first quarter of 2022, the net profit of the five leading Italian institutions decreases by 47% YoY, this is the main finding of […]

Report Banche 3M 2022

Value Partners’ periodic analysis on the first-quarter performance of major Italian banks […]

Report Banche – FY 2021

Top-5 Italian banking Institutions hit 7B€ of Net Profit in 2021. The full analysis in the 41st edition of the Banks Report by Value Partners. […]

Banche, 7 Miliardi di Utili

Top 5 Italian banks hit an aggregate Net Profit in 2021 close to pre-Covid level. Value Partners analysis shows that this result has been mainly […]

Value Partners reinforces its partnership with Sebastiano Rocca as a new Managing Director

Milan, 27 January 2022 – Value Partners, global Management Consulting firm, reinforces its partnership with Sebastiano Rocca, who joins as a Managing Director. “His excellent […]

Ritorno al profitto

Good news from italian banking sector. Value Partners analysis of 9-months YTD data shows that the aggregate Net Profit hits 8,4 billion one step closer […]

Report banche 9M 2021

9-months YTD data of the main Italian Banking Institutions confirm industry’s positive outlook with an aggregate Net Profit that hits 8,4 billion-euro, one step closer […]

Meno NPL in banca

First half data of the top 5 Italian banks show positive outcomes due to the core business and the latest de-risking operations. The usual analysis […]

E adesso le PMI più smart si fanno finanziare dalle Fintech. In un anno +450% a 1,7 miliardi

L’evoluzione delle Fintech sta avendo impatti significativi nel mondo del credito, sostenendo le PMI e influenzando le strategie di crescita dei Gruppi bancari italiani medio-piccoli. […]

I gruppi bancari italiani medio-piccoli: successi non scontati e prossime sfide

Una survey dedicata alle performance dei Gruppi bancari medio-piccoli, nella prospettiva di una nuova strategia di crescita (comprese le alleanze o le acquisizioni con Fintech) […]

The liquidity challenge

Fort the main Italian Banks, the first quarter 2021 shows a recovery, starting from the core business, and poses the great challenge of identifying the […]