Mobile, la sfida è la tv Tim in vantaggio con Sky Wind aspetta Metroweb e la nuova asta è a rischio

The Italian mobile telco operators’ aim is increasing their internet profit not only through the data exchange: the new challenge is the TV. With a […]

Non c’è solo il modello Fineco

For MPS (Widiba), BPM and UBI Groups the integration between the financial promoters’ networks and online banks is one of the main strategies. An analysis […]

Sostenibilità delle cure, una sfida da 26 mld

The sustainability of the healthcare public expenses in Italy, with a particular focus on the fight to hepatitis C. An article by Daniela Scaramuccia, Partner, […]

Ora si giochi d’anticipo

The Italian banks are looking for new ways to overcome their impaired loans. Based on an analysis by Value Partners on the main Italian banks’ […]

Gabor Friedenthal, Partner, ospite di Jole Saggese a ”Missione risparmio” su Class CNBC

The episode on October 28 was devoted to the changes for money savers after some European banks flunked the stress tests. […]

Serie A sull’aereo

Selling Serie A soccer tickets using the channels of international carriers would have several benefits. An article based on Value Partners perspective “Dynamic ticket pricing. […]

Obbligatorio diventare grandi per uscire dalla crisi

The Italian model of small banks isn’t sustainable any more due to its high costs. M&A, outsourcing and concentration can be the solution to fight […]

Sangue: la non autosufficienza è a rischio per gli alti costi della raccolta del plasma

The high price of plasma is jeopardizing Italy’s self-sufficiency in blood collection. An article by Daniela Scaramuccia, Partner of the Milan office. […]

Storage distribuito dell’energia può essere la soluzione allo stallo del settore elettrico

The energy’s distributed storage in Italy could be the solution to the stalemate of the electric sector. An article by Alberto Calvo, Partner, and Ranieri […]

Value Partners, Global Management Consulting Firm, provide Auction for Next Generation Mobile Services In Pakistan

Value Partners Management Consulting provide auction for Next Generation Mobile Services in Pakistan that raises over USD 1.12 billion. […]

ATM Benchmarking Study 2014 and Industry Report

A new report devoted to ATM payments. […]

Transparency in healthcare – Data transparency is a never ending issue that has generated a growing interest within several industries, including healthcare

A new perspective devoted to the importance of transparency in the healthcare Sector, with an international comparison. […]