Count your pennies

Companies across the GCC, including the UAE, are resorting to job cuts, tighter recruitment policies and overheads reduction initiatives to trim costs as their profitability […]

Ali Güven: We aim at providing solutions for the telecommunications sector to improve customer retention and loyalty

An interview to Ali Güven, Principal and Office Manager of the Istanbul and Dubai offices, on the telecommunications sector in the MENA region, where Value […]

Value Partners at the Dubai Capital Club

Ali Güven, Principal and Office Manager of the Istanbul and Dubai offices, held a meeting at the Dubai Capital Club on Dec. 12th, that was […]

How to set up an online store in Dubai

How and why should SME set up e-commerce platforms in the UAE? An article by Alex Menghi, Engagement Manager of the Dubai office. […]

Svolta di Riad per il 2030: meno petrolio più industria

Saudi Arabia’s economy is heading to a radical transformation: less oil, more industry and more space to foreigners in the tourism, defence, education and healthcare […]

High Value

Value Partners’ activity, challenges and future plans in the Middle East. An interview to Francesco Pavoni, Director. […]

Dubai guarda all’Africa per aumentare l’appeal

L’economia di Dubai sta vivendo una crescita del 4% annuo. Un’analisi dell’area, con un intervento di Francesco Pavoni, Director. […]

Special dialogue session with Executive Managers and Experts in Economy – Economy Independence

A panel of economists and executives based in the Gulf took part in a panel discussion regarding opportunities and challenges in the Middle Eastern area. […]

Rethinking LNG strategies in the new oil order

A comment to the Value Partners perspective “Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG): how to win the global supply-side competition for Middle East producers”, by Alberto Calvo […]

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) How to win the Global Supply-Side competition for Middle East producers

A new perspective devoted to the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) market development in the Middle East. […]

Companies see strong global growth

The growth of the UAE companies and the role of the management consultancy in helping this development. An interview to Francesco Pavoni, Director and Managing […]