Le 3S delle società stanno uscendo rafforzate dalla crisi

Strategy, supply chain sustainability and streamlining of business processes, the “3S” that have helped companies to ride COVID-19 storm. The view on Milano Finanza by […]

Agire subito, anche se non si sa quando passerà la tempesta

The measures taken by the Italian Government are correct, but they don’t capture the core of the problem: after ending the Coronavirus emergency it is […]

Contro i rischi spazio alla ricerca

The next necessary steps for cybersecurity. By Alberto Calvo, Partner, and Marco De Bellis, Exage Big Data & Analytics, Technology Integration Director. […]

Mind the Change: Capire il cambiamento per progettare il business del futuro

Alberto Calvo, Partner, wrote a contribution to Mind the change, by Alberto Baban, Armando Cirrincione and Alberto Mattiello. Edited by Guerini Next, now available in […]

Count your pennies

Companies across the GCC, including the UAE, are resorting to job cuts, tighter recruitment policies and overheads reduction initiatives to trim costs as their profitability […]

The waste we produce: Stinky Gold?

Alberto Calvo, Partner, and Lorenzo Privitera, Engagement Manager of the Milan office, wrote a new perspective devoted to the waste market in Italy: communities and […]

Rifiuti: da Hera a Iren, A2a e Acea corsa a una miniera d’oro da 10 miliardi

A comment to the Value Partners perspective “The waste we produce: stinky gold?” by Alberto Calvo and Lorenzo Privitera. […]

Ali Güven: The top 5 economic developments and themes to watch out for in 2017 globally and in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries

Ali Güven, Partner and Office Manager of the Istanbul and Dubai offices, wrote a list of the top five economic developments and themes to watch […]

GCC Market – Overview and Economic Outlook 2017: A challenging transformation ahead to achieve desirable Growth

Armando Guastella and Alex Menghi, EM of the Dubai office, with the cooperation of Carlo Bagarolo, ASC, Matteo Cutrera and Ginevra Zanuso, BA of the […]

Dubai guarda all’Africa per aumentare l’appeal

L’economia di Dubai sta vivendo una crescita del 4% annuo. Un’analisi dell’area, con un intervento di Francesco Pavoni, Director. […]

Industria, ‘gioielli’ italiani a rischio

The Italian industrial politics’ strategic choices are essential to re-launch the manufacturing industry and save important companies from being sold. With a contribution by Giorgio […]

A company-wide approach to customer service excellence

A transformation journey to achieve customer service excellence. An article by Charles Monteux, SEM of the São Paulo office, based on the Value Partners perspective […]

Customer Service: Achieving excellence through a company-wide approach

A new perspective devoted to customer satisfaction, a key driver to increase a company’s value. […]