18 buoni motivi per non perdere il treno digitale

An interview to Giorgio Rossi Cairo on the digital challenge. […]

Mind the Change: Capire il cambiamento per progettare il business del futuro

Alberto Calvo, Partner, wrote a contribution to Mind the change, by Alberto Baban, Armando Cirrincione and Alberto Mattiello. Edited by Guerini Next, now available in […]

Pay TV: Struggle for relevance

A new perspective devoted to the Pay-TV’s market and its operators’ struggle to differentiate themselves in a very competitive environment. By Ali Güven, Partner, Ethemcan […]

Industria 4.0 “Vi aiutiamo a fare la rivoluzione”

An interview to Value Partners President Giorgio Rossi Cairo on Exage, the digital company he recently founded, that puts together the technological and strategic consultancy […]

How to set up an online store in Dubai

How and why should SME set up e-commerce platforms in the UAE? An article by Alex Menghi, Engagement Manager of the Dubai office. […]

Xiaomi Staked in iQiyi with RMB1.8 Billion to Strengthen Video Content Service

Xiaomi Inc, a smartphone maker, recently invested on iQiyi, a videostreaming platform backed by Baidu Inc. What is the purpose of this investment? […]

E-commerce: the new opportunity for Western China to have leapforward

The opportunities offered by e-commerce in Western China. With a contribution by ChengFen (Jane) Hou, Partner. […]

Dynamic ticket pricing. Squeezing more juice from half time oranges

A new perspective devoted to the benefits of the dynamic ticket pricing (DTP) in the sport industry. It is a pricing strategy according to which […]

Serie A sull’aereo

Selling Serie A soccer tickets using the channels of international carriers would have several benefits. An article based on Value Partners perspective “Dynamic ticket pricing. […]

Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange a caccia di reti da offrire alle tv

TLC operators search for networks to offer to tv channels: as the pay-tvs competition is on the web, cables and optical fiber are a best […]

O ano do mobile quando?

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Magazine Publishers’ Transformation: The Time to Act is Now!

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Value Partners: Spectrum and License Strategy and Planning Practice

Value Partners understanding of Spectrum Licensing and Services Offered. […]