Data & Insights
The large amount of data produced by increasingly numerous and heterogeneous sources, represents a fundamental lever for digital transformation processes and must be considered as a business opportunity.

We support companies in the development of strategies for the enhancement and management of their data through the design of architectures and applications capable of transforming them into “data-driven” organizations.

Data Strategy

Study of data management solutions enabling services, processes and business models based on data.

Data Consulting

Development of projects leveraging innovative technologies and methodologies, with the aim of extracting value from data for the benefit of efficiency and operational effectiveness. With the guarantee of a quick return on investment.

IA - Advanced Analytics

Support for the transition process from descriptive analytical models to predictive-prescriptive ones.

Internet of Things

Development of architectures and data applications for the Industrial Internet of Things.

Data Governance

Management of data governance processes in innovative contexts (new data types, real-time analysis needs, etc.).

Ideas & Media