Automotive – VP
In the last 40 years, the automotive sector has gone through epochal changes, without modifying its own paradigm though. The future scenario will be different, instead: in most cases drivers won’t be the owners of the cars they drive; producers will be OEMs from completely different sectors and cars will become self-driving.

Value Partners has a vast experience in many areas of the automotive industry. Covering motorcycles, cars, commercial and industrial vehicles, our extensive experience ranges to tyres, automotive and train components as well as distribution networks and services provision.

Our client portfolio includes global leaders in luxury and sports car market, earthmoving machines, high-end tyres, top-tier brakes and other key players in components (such as engines, transmission and lighting systems) and services (e.g. infomobility) and distribution; besides, several Private Equity funds.

Our projects span throughout five continents, covering thirty countries, working on numerous markets.

Strategy, growth and innovation

We have assisted many clients in the overall strategy definition: portfolio and business strategy (OEM and Aftermarket); international expansion strategy (e.g: China, India, Brazil). We worked on new business development and partnership strategy (JV/alliances) and also in the support to new product development (i.e. vehicle/tyre system, “open innovation” strategy). We assisted Private Equity in the due diligence and M&A support. Finally, we supported most companies in the 3-Year Strategic Plans and yearly Budget/Management Plans.

Turnaround and competitiveness

We supported full scale turnarounds: Crash Programs on cost reduction, Revenue Enhancement programs, Organization review and Change Management support. Many projects were devoted to cost reduction: staff rightsizing, reviews of process for migration of staff to low cost countries, creation of Continental Service Centers.

Marketing, channel & sales management

Starting from channel strategy redefinition, we have supported many companies in the sales force redeployment and the Key Account Management approach. Key marketing issues faced have been “Pocket price” analysis and pricing strategy; promotional spending effectiveness review; CRM and E-business strategy. Specific projects have been focused on the design and the profitability enhancement of dealer networks.

Purchasing, Manufacturing and Supply chain

Projects in this wide area have allowed us to support companies on global sourcing strategy, the review of procurement strategy, and on programs of cost cutting in procurement. Moreover, we developed end-to-end supply chain re-designs and process improvement programs, covering purchasing, logistics, manufacturing/operations; programs for new distribution networks building, based on review of service level. Specific projects have been carried out on the review of European manufacturing sites and the quality management process redefinition.

Organization and change management

In order to support strategic and operational changes, we have helped companies in the structure redefinition at HQ and subsidiary level; in the organizational redesign & process review (corporate, countries and functions); in the support to post merger integration activities. Moreover, in the control systems for Top Management (e.g Performance Monitoring Dashboard) and for functions.

Ideas & Media