Consumer & Retail
In the retail sector, which is fast but unpredictable, you can observe real-time the application of new technologies and the success or failure of innovative competitive strategies. The sector has been always characterized by limited profitability and high risks; it has improved its services quality by opening to the on-line world, without registering, though, a significant increase in its operational margins. Its management complexity, instead, has grown disproportionately, launching challenges on several fronts in the great game for winning traffic and transforming it into sales.

Historically, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) has been one of our primary areas of expertise, covering the majority of the food sector (fresh products, confectionery, frozen foods and catering), beverages and tobacco.

Our client portfolio includes some of world leaders in consumer food produce, one of the global tobacco leaders and renowned coffee brands. We had the opportunity to work with some of them, in a wide number of countries in America, China, Europe and South-East Asia. We have also worked alongside Private Equity funds, assisting them in business due diligence and market assessments.

Value partners has supported many luxury goods organisations, in strategy and brand management; as an increasing priority topic in the area, we used our expertise to assist in operations topics. Our clients range from top Italian fashion brands to worldwide leaders in fashion clothing and accessories.

We have also carried out various projects in the retail area. We helped our clients to define their distribution strategy – key for many players – creation and management of the POS network.

Strategia and M&A

We supported clients in their product/market strategy and portfolio management. We also flanked them, as well as Private Equity, in the evaluation of acquisition candidates, business due diligence and post-merger integration plans.

Marketing & commercial strategy

We supported clients in product repositioning and brand management, in the pricing strategy and marketing planning. We developed several channel strategy projects and finalized trade marketing strategy and activities. Moreover, we helped define the approach to category management and client economics management.


We developed end-to-end supply chain redesigns, and shaped new distribution systems; we reviewed distribution processes and logistic KPIs. We also dealt with the manufacturing area redesign and production planning redefinition.


We supported clients in the redefinition of top management and commercial organization; performed a large number of projects regarding restructuring and deployment of sales networks. We developed indirect cost reduction plans and crash programs. Moreover, we worked on the diagnosis and redesign of key processes and in the definition of the Tableau de bord/MIS.

Retail specific issues

Our contribution included retail concept definition; DOS vs. wholesale vs. franchising strategy and related development plans; product assortment definition and profitability improvement at store level.

Ideas & Media