In the last years, the research for new primary energy sources has mixed up thoroughly the competitive scenario, above all in the Western countries. Nevertheless, the consumer crisis has forced several operators to retreat. That’s why the sector is now looking for a new sustainable model. It is very likely that technology will offer an escape. If costs, scale and specific legislation will allow it, in fact, technology will be able to serve consumer needs by adopting simple but winning systems at more controlled costs and risks.

Value Partners has been present in the energy sector since its foundation, assisting large national incumbents in defining their strategy, organization, business portfolio and in re-enforcing their processes and control tools. We have assisted our clients during the process of market liberalization (early 2000), in growing their infrastructures, in the internationalization and in the unbundling of market division from the regulated distribution business.

We work in 4 areas: oil&gas, utilities, clean energy & environment and engineering & energy components. We have served major integrated oil&gas companies, multinational utilities, local municipalities, energy components manufacturers and renewable energy developers.

Growing energy demand, scarcity and costs of conventional fossil resources, security of supply and need to solve environmental issues are pushing all the players in this sector to find the winning technologies for renewable generation, smart grids and energy efficiency. In the meanwhile, market liberalization is forcing our clients to rethink the conventional client service models, to reduce cost-to-serve, cost-to-acquire and churn, in a constant strive for service excellence, offer clarity and profitability.

In Value Partners we assist our clients to face these important challenges with innovative approaches, yet with a pragmatic view that guarantees short term results and long term competitive advantages.

Strategy, growth and innovation

We have helped the process of internationalisation of major electricity transmission operators; scouted for alliances in the sale and distribution of gas and electricity; assisted the birth of new business units dedicated to waste to energy generation; started up companies for the development of renewable energy plants and for the sale of energy efficiency projects and products.

On behalf of private equity funds and other investors, we performed due diligences pre acquisition business for both energy and fuel distribution businesses. We have also helped companies in the vendor due diligence processes, preparing business plans and support documents for the IPO process.

Organisation & turnaround

We have guided significant integration and reorganisation projects after the internationalisation of primary energy groups; helped in the implementation of unbundling processes; supported clients in significant reorganisation projects focusing on rightsizing and creation of shared service centres; redefined complex organisations and demand management processes for IT divisions in large multinational energy players.

Marketing e channel & sales management

We have assisted large utilities and new entrants in the development of market segmentations, in defining their offer and in launching new sales channels to exploit the opportunities of market liberalisation. We have consolidated a rapid go-to-market approach for small medium enterprises segment, which includes the creation of indirect agency structures, the definition of commissioning systems, processes, control and sales tools. We have developed the first processes to launch dual offer gas&energy to domestic clients. We have helped new entrants in assessing the potential to sell gas&energy in large consumer goods and specialty retailers.


We have developed the first corporate social responsibility projects with major national incumbents, defined the KPI monitoring systems and relative reporting processes. We have developed the first corporate social responsibility report and supported our clients in qualifying to enter the most renowned sustainability market indexes (e.g. DJSI, FTSE4GOOD).

Ideas & Media