Industrial goods
Italy has always been the cradle of several different industrial sectors that have brought our entrepreneurs’ creativity and determination all over the world, just as it happened with art, food and fashion. From industrial components to machine tools, from construction coatings to transformation equipment, from furniture to jewellery, from navigation to packaging, Italy has produced universally famous industrial excellences.

Italian industrial companies have faced for years the challenge of a balanced growth and have organised themselves in order to be competitive in the international markets. Both big successful companies and small ones, both industry leaders and small suppliers, they all must cope with the definition of competitive strategies in foreign markets, the streamlining of internal processes, the evaluation of the best strategic alliances to achieve the maximum product success, and the building of distribution nets and efficient go-to-market models.

Value Partners has a very wide and deep experience in numerous sectors of these industrial areas. Our projects brought us in all of the continents and in more than 30 countries; we worked on a wide variety of themes in different businesses to support our clients’ development and growth in these sectors.

Strategy, growth and innovation

We have assisted many clients in the overall strategy definition: portfolio and business strategy; international expansion strategy (e.g. China, India, Brazil). We worked on new business development and partnership strategy (JV/alliances). We assisted Private Equity in due diligence and M&A support. Finally, we supported most companies in the 3-Year Strategic Plans and yearly Budget/Management Plans.

Turnaround and competitiveness

We supported client management in company turnarounds: revenue enhancement programs, crash programs on cost reduction, organization review and change management support. Many projects had an efficiency focus: staff rightsizing, creation of continental service centers.

Marketing, channel & sales management

Key marketing issues faced have been consumer segmentation and offer repositioning; pocket price analysis and pricing strategy; customer centricity approach. We have assisted a wide range of clients in the go-to-market and channel strategy redefinition, in the sales force redeployment and the Key Account Management approach.

Purchasing, manufacturing and supply chain

Projects in this wide area range from global sourcing strategy, review of procurement management, including cost cutting programs. Moreover, we developed end-to-end supply chain re-designs and process improvement programs, covering purchasing, logistics, manufacturing/operations; programs for new distribution networks building, based on review of service level. Specific projects have been carried out on the redesign of manufacturing models, the review of European manufacturing sites and plant maintenance.

Organization and change management

In order to support strategic and operational changes, we have helped companies in the structure redefinition at HQ and subsidiary level; in the in the organizational redesign & process review (corporate, countries and functions); in the support to post merger integration activities. Moreover, in the finalisation of control systems for Top Management (e.g. Performance Monitoring Dashboard) and for functions.

Ideas & Media