Legislators are increasing their pressure on the insurance industry via regulation on capitalization, consumers’ protection and products. Consumers themselves pay more and more attention to insurance services costs, even thanks to several online platforms comparing prices and performances. Consequently, pressures on profit margins increase as well.

The Value Partners group has over 15 years’ experience in serving insurance companies covering a number of key areas: product development, distribution and sales, claims and profitability improvement. Value Partners has served major French, German, Italian, Japanese and Brazilian insurance groups in a wide range of international projects.

Specific project topics have included automotive pricing, claims process redesign, new channel introduction, post merger integration and organization. To cite some significant achievements, we helped a leading French insurance group launch the first pay-as-you-drive insurance product in Europe, the top Italian insurance company to streamline its claims processing and consequently improve service, and the largest Brazilian insurer to introduce an innovative fraud detection system.

Product development

Value Partners has assisted a wide range of major insurance groups in developing or refining their automotive, health, household and life insurance product range. Value Partners support covered a number of key dimensions: analysis of customer needs and buy factors, pricing, use of new technology and product development process.

Distribution and Sales

We have supported a number of insurance customers in developing and managing new sales channels. Among the channels we have helped our clients to introduce are telephone, internet, bank branches and JV’s with non financial partners (e.g. tire, electrical goods manufacturers). Value Partners has also been active in assisting clients in developing systems for supporting cross selling/upselling and sales campaigns.

Accident Claims

Value Partners has provided support to several insurance groups in improving their claims management processes with the objectives of reducing claims costs (both processing and claims paid) and improving customer service. Among the topics treated are redesign of the claims organization, introduction of a claims processing call centre, fraud management and accelerating claims processing.

Profitability Improvement

We have acquired substantial experience in turning around profitability, especially in automotive insurance. Key elements in the turnaround strategy are pricing, customer portfolio pruning, introduction of new technology, reducing overheads and relaunching growth in profitable customer segments. On average Value Partners’ clients have witnessed an improvement in their combined ratio of over 10 points in the two years following the assignment.

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