Life science
The Life-science Industry is facing daunting pressures for cost reduction that are forcing leaders to rethink their business models.
Payors are tightly supporting a sustainable and lean healthcare system with ongoing austerity measures tackling runaway healthcare costs to increase access to care. Empowering patients, more knowledgeable and info/data driven, are becoming more capable of managing their own health and are thus requiring more customer centric approach to industry players.

With a proven track record in supporting leading international players in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical devices sectors, Value Partners represents a trusted advisor that combines a strong understanding of the commercial challenges and opportunities of this industry with a proven capability of delivering long term lasting results.
Our professionals have significant healthcare/pharma experience, working with leading payors, providers, regulators and industry associations and allowing to forge connections among industry stakeholders always providing a unique perspective on the rapidly changing value chain of the industry.

Industry competition is increasing due to new local players in emerging countries and the ongoing consolidation wave is forcing industry players to review their international strategy.
In this context, the reduced research and development (R&D) return on investment and the increased generics utilization paired with relevant patent cliff are mounting the urgency to rethink the current companies’ business models in order to be competitively positioned in this global market.

Value Partners’ experience in the Life-Science industry span throughout different sectors in which we have provided our trusted advice to a series of market operators such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals: large Pharma companies, biotech companies, pharma suppliers (e.g. CMO/API producers, packaging manufacturers, toll manufacturers,…).
  • Component and medical devices suppliers: biomedical systems and equipment producers, orthopaedic products manufacturers.
  • Service providers: large Private hospitals, homecare service suppliers, telemedicine service suppliers.
  • Research centres and institutional bodies: industry associations, contract research organizations.
  • Industry partners: Health Care Insurance firms, public payers, real estate partners for large HC providers.


Our core value is to assist and support our Clients outlining their long term path either focusing on the growth and/or on the efficiency track. We have been advising our Clients on different subjects such as:

  • Business strategy: market entry, distribution, pricing, product strategy
  • Portfolio strategy: merger and acquisition, portfolio management, licensing
  • Restructuring and performance improvements
  • Innovation approaches and models
  • Medical, regulatory and Health Economics approaches


We take care of defining/reviewing the organizational structure of our Clients so as to always be aligned and ready to face the opportunities and challenges presented by the market. In details:

  • Decision making systems, governance and organization
  • Organization of R&D function; project team management
  • Sales force organization
  • International vs. local marketing organization
  • Franchise/therapeutic area management
  • Succession plans

Go to Market

We support our Clients in enhancing their commercial performances through a consistent Market Access strategy aligned with sales and marketing objectives. In details:

  • Market Access approaches and strategies by country and TA
  • Marketing management by TA and country
  • Sales force stimulation programs
  • Pricing and health economics modelling


We support our Clients building effective R&D capabilities needed to drive innovation while improving productivity and performance with the ultimate goal of develop successful product portfolio strategies:

  • R&D portfolio pruning
  • Alliance management, licensing management
  • R&D productivity
  • Optimization of clinical trials


We help our Clients to have an end-to-end view of their supply chain in order to always be ready to seize opportunities for revenue enhancement or efficiency improvement while optimizing and integrating the production footprint. In details:

  • Restructuring of industrial footprint and supply chain processes
  • Industrial partnerships (API sourcing, distribution) and external supply
  • Lean manufacturing

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