Private equity
We offer thorough advisory services, which include also critical analysis of reference markets,business due diligences and economic-financial forecast review, 100-day plans and implementation of specific value-based management projects.

Capitalizing on its experience in top management consultancy on business strategy, turnaround and change management projects, Value Partners can quickly deploy international specialist teams to assist Private Equity funds on a wide range of subjects.

We provide a full-line advisory service, including market scouting, business due diligence, 100-day planning, and execution of value-based management projects.

In the last three years we have carried out over 70 due diligences in Europe, Asia and the USA in consumer goods & luxury, media, telecoms, and manufacturing. Our post deal support has generated over $8bn of new shareholder value.


Value Partners supports Private Equity funds in deal scouting & screening, assisting them in their business due diligence process. In particular, we deal with market evaluations and competitive assessment of targets, review of management plans with analysis of operational improvement and risk potential, investment plans audit, acquisition project management and investment committee roadshow support. During the project we leverage on our sector skills and we make focused interviews with strategic target clients and partners.

Portfolio companies management

Value Partners assists Private Equity funds in creating value to acquired companies through operational improvement projects. Some of our project typologies are product and market portfolio reviews; M&A evaluation; vertical integration options; financial sustainability analysis of specific projects; crash programmes in turnaround situations; R&D optimisation and new products road map; supply chain review (procurement, make or buy decisions, degree of centralization, key skills, roles, processes); restructuring of sales & distribution networks; Web 2.0 and digital channels development; cost reduction measures; re-design of organisation and critical management processes; development of ad-hoc tools for performance monitoring (Tableau de Bord).


Value Partners assists Private Equity funds also during the disinvestment phase. Besides preparing the vendor due diligence, we assist our clients in the definition of the exit strategy, e.g. the evaluation of modalities (competitive bid, number of the involved players,…) and the choice of the players to be involved in the process (funds, industry companies,…).

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