Crescere tra crowdfunding e private equity

Crowdfunding and private equity: funding alternatives are necessary in a scenario where banks have a very cautious approach in granting loans. The article is based […]

Credito, è attesa una risalita

The Italian banks’ credit quality is improving though profits are decreasing. Based on an analysis by Value Partners on the eight largest Italian banks. […]

Pulizia dei bilanci e norme più rigide. L’estate calda di Popolari e Bcc

The Italian government’s reforms of the banking sector, that is crucial for the Italian economy. Based on a research by the Value Partners’ Financial Institutions […]

Banche italiane, il peggio alle spalle ma resta il nodo delle sofferenze

The eight biggest Italian banks, whose margins have seen a 5,8 billion euros profit increase in 2015, are although experiencing a slight cost increase. Based […]