Transparency in healthcare – Data transparency is a never ending issue that has generated a growing interest within several industries, including healthcare

Un nuovo perspective dedicato all’importanza della trasparenza nel settore sanità, con un confronto internazionale. […]

Harnessing the value of VOD

On-demand delivery of video content over broadband will undoubtedly be one of the most disruptive changes in the television industry over the next decade, with […]

Driving out of the crisis

Amidst the desolating prospects for car makers worldwide, Chinese players are looking to a more optimistic future. With a stable demand, a solid financial situation, […]

Don’t cry for me Barcelona

As the telecoms industry is weathering turbulent times, the Mobile World Congress – Barcelona 2009 focused on both opportunities and risks for the year ahead: […]

Cost of capital in the financial turmoil: how should utilities deal with it?

As a direct result of the current credit crisis, the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) for utilities is becoming increasingly difficult to assess. The […]

Luxury 2.0: the role of digital channels in a downturn

Luxury businesses are feeling the effects of the economic downturn, as growing job losses and plummeting consumer confidence translate to cuts in retail spending across […]

Financial services: charting a new course

This issue of the Value Partners newsletter addresses some of the topics and themes arising from the changes occurring in the economic landscape, drawing on […]

Online advertising – Opportunities for media owners

While the economic downturn will impact all advertising media, digital advertising is in a relatively strong position to ride out the worst of the storm. […]

China after the Olympics

This issue of the Value Partners Newsletter is dedicated wholly to China, on the eve of the most anticipated Olympic Games in history. The Chinese […]

VoIP: The future is bright

VoIP is now a reality, especially in fixed telephony, that generates benefits both for customers and service providers – most notably, reduced costs and and […]

2008 Update – Telco, Media, Entertainment

2007 began with a significant event in the international management consulting sector: the merger of Value Partners and Spectrum Strategy Consultants. Since then our respective […]