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Gioia Fantoni Reif

Gioia Fantoni Reif
Recruitment Manager

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Here you will get to know what it means to be a consultant at Value Partners, what career you can expect with us and how to apply to our offices in Milan, London, Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore, Hong KongBeijing, São Paulo, Buenos Aires.

To join us, you must have…

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…and high potential in

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Problem solving

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Dedication to
achieving results

Our interview

We are looking for creative problem solvers
who structure their thoughts to reach sensible conclusions.

Business case

One of the best ways to test these skills – as neither set academic qualifications nor backgrounds teach this – is to use a business case to see how you structure a problem solving.

A business case is the description of a problem faced by a company. It is usually drawn from the interviewer’s experience as a consultant.

In particular we look for:


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Your career path

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Meet those who’ve made it

Business Analyst

As a Business Analyst you’ll participate in project activities by developing quantitative analyses and finding information from internal and external sources.

You will, of course, attend client meetings, giving you early exposure to the total end-to-end project, and we do expect you to add personal value to all the tasks assigned you. You’ll never be alone, though: you will be coached on the job by senior colleagues and you’ll attend training both locally and globally in problem structuring, communication skills and database analysis.

Gloria Seveso

Gloria Seveso
Business Analyst
Milan Office

You joined the firm straight from University? why did you choose Value Partners over other consultancies?
When I finished the University I was still not sure what I wanted to do. I decided to try consulting because it gives me the chance to be exposed to a wide variety of experiences, offering constant opportunities of learning and developing. >>I started the interview process with different firms, but in Value Partners I felt a different atmosphere from my first interview. The people were challenging, intelligent, ambitious, structured and, at the same time, showed an open, kind and easy-going approach that gave the firm a friendly and informal character.<<

Elias Al Azar
Business Analyst
Dubai Office

How do consultants get promoted at Value Partners?
As a Business Analyst you are basically expected to have remarkable analytical and problem solving skills. The good news is that our recruitment process beforehand selects the most outstanding students out of the best colleges in the world, so all this set of skills is kind of inherent to our entry level consultants. >>The highly challenging environment of management consulting and the exposure we specially have at Value Partners make this learning process a lot easier. It is impressive how fast we learn and develop ourselves over time. As result, the promotions along the Value Partners career are more natural and faster than we could expect, bringing us new experiences and challenges.<<


As an Associate you will continue to develop quantitative analyses but you’ll also contribute to the problem structuring process, you’ll take responsibility over one area of the project – and, most importantly, over the recommendations linked to this area – and you’ll supervise your more junior colleagues.

Your exposure to the client will increase, and you will hone your communication skills by learning how to support an argument. As part of your formal development, you will continue with advanced skills courses and our in-house developed Consulting Skills Week.

Tatiane Marques

Tatiane Marques
São Paulo Office

What training courses have you attended since you joined the firm – and what was the best thing about them?
I have attended several training courses, including Communication, Problem Solving and Operational Office tools. For my last training I travelled to Milan and met up with my peers from the global offices: >>we spent one week working on Consulting skills, as well as getting to know each other and sharing experiences. The course improved both my analytical and interpersonal skills. The best thing is that we get to look at our job from a different perspective and focus on how to be more efficient, individually and as a group. It really contributes to our development as a consultant.<<

Si Peng

Si Peng
Milan Office

What is the best thing about working in a team?
The best is that there is always someone interesting, challenging and fun – there for you, who cares about how well you do and who continually motivates you to exceed your own expectations. >>Our team members have different seniorities and different backgrounds, in terms of nationality and degree, and this means you constantly learn from others. Whether you’re solving a clients’ problem or you’re out together for dinner in a foreign city, or you’re travelling to a remote client site: you can always count on your team members to make it a memorable experience.<<

Engagement Manager

As an Engagement Manager you will have responsibility for managing a project and the team.

You will own the client’s problem and you will play a pivotal role within the team amongst the Senior Manager / Principal and the client. You’ll have to manage the trade-off between the day-to-day details of the project and the wider picture of the client relationship. You will work closely with the client’s middle management and your relationship, problem solving, project management and motivational skills will be key, as you are responsible to deliver quality results and ensure that your project has a tangible and sustainable impact on the client’s business.

Dima Ghoneim

Dima Ghoneim
Engagement Manager
Dubai office

What is the most important thing you have learnt while working for Value Partners?
“One of the most important things I’ve learnt working for Value Partners is sharing my ideas and being open-minded to different points of view. As we work within strong teams of intellectually stimulated professionals, who are driven by the challenge of problem solving, we always discuss and share our thoughts exploring different, yet creative, solutions to the issues on hand. To me, this is the core of consulting; no right or wrong answer, but rather a process of continuous learning and growth through open discussions and sharing of knowledge and expertise to find the best answer.”<<

Lorenzo Privitera

Lorenzo Privitera
Engagement Manager
Milan Office

You have a very international background what drew you to Value Partners?
I was determined to join a firm that gave me the opportunity to work in different sectors, functional areas, and countries. So when I was first looking at opportunities in management consulting, I was faced with the usual choices: >>boutiques serving only one industry or large-scale multinational operations with limited travel opportunities for its professionals due to the fact that each office serves it own country. Value Partners, instead, stood out, and appealed to me as a management consultancy with a strong entrepreneurial flare, that led it to expand to other continents, choosing double digit growth countries, and consistently working across an entire range of industries.<<

Senior Engagement Manager

As a Senior Engagement Manager you will be expected to manage more than one project at a time.

In addition, we will ask you to work on two further areas: to focus on the liaison with the client’s top management so to be recognised as a thought leader and trusted advisor; and to contribute to the strategy and development of our practices. Client development will be your main area of assessment. You will also play a significant role coaching and mentoring more junior colleagues.

Davide Snaidero

Davide Snaidero
Senior Engagement Manager
Milan Office

What advice would you give to a new recruit?
According to my personal experience there are three strategic tips for getting started at Value Partners. The first is to be committed to learn. >>Ask questions and listen, in this way you can capitalize on your colleague experience – it is huge! – and speed-up your professional growth.
Furthermore do not hesitate to share your point of view, entrepreneurship is always appreciated in our firm and sometimes there is more value in a green out-of-the box idea than in an old-established method. Last but not least, start thinking about the impact of your work in terms of doing right by our clients!

Stefano Sorrentino

Stefano Sorrentino
Senior Engagement Manager
Hong Kong Office

Why Value Partners?
Value Partners is a family of highly skilled professionals in the management consulting industry. In serving our clients, large multinationals in various business sectors, >>we simultaneously strive for excellence in client delivery and maintain a collaborative approach internally.
Besides, Value Partners is a very agile and flexible organization, that cares about its people and their professional development. Thanks to Value Partners I had the chance to work in 16 different countries in less than 8 years, contributing to the development of 6 of its 10 offices worldwide.
Finally, Value Partners gave me the opportunity to express my potential from the early stages of my careers, allowing me to support my senior colleagues in their work and giving me new challenges every day of my professional life.


Successful Senior Engagement Managers are promoted to Principal once they prove that clients look to them as trusted advisors who can deliver significant and sustainable impact with the projects they lead and the relationship they have established.

Principals are expected to lead client development and to embody our firm’s values and approach – also when dealing with more junior colleagues. Principals also generally have internal responsibilities, that require active participation, be they sitting in the People Development Committee, heading a Practice, or working on Recruiting activities.

Alessandro Barmettler foto piccola

Alessandro Barmettler
Milan Office

What advice would you give to a new recruit?
Upon joining Value Partners you know you’re set to achieve a successful fast-track career with us if your actions and results, both on client projects and within the firm, show that you put entrepreneurship, >>passion and energy above all. You must always remember that from day one, we value, and expect, personal creative contributions to solving problems and your team members and colleagues will support you in doing so! My advice is to enjoy every single moment of life with Value Partners, and sail on to professional success!<<

Ali Güven foto piccola

Ali Güven
Istanbul-Dubai Office

What relationships does Value Partners establish with clients?
We are positioned as the real ‘business partner’ of existing or potential clients in the markets, industries and countries we operate.We don’t provide consultancy or reports, instead we provide solutions to improve the clients’ business lifecycle. Value Partners is focused to customize these solutions through a deep understanding of the clients’ existing profile, harmonizing it with the required vision and future proposition, and preparing the clients’ to the next decade.


Directors are senior Partners who have established lasting relationships of trust with the top management of client companies.

They oversee the work of a number of Partners and are often appointed to manage a group of offices in a given geographical area. They carry on with client introduction responsibilities and provide significant contributions to internal committees and initiatives.

Saul Attie foto piccola

Saul Attie
Buenos Aires Office

What relationships do Value Partners establish with clients?
We have established long-term relationships with the majority of our clients: I take it to mean that we truly impact their business. What makes me very proud is to hear a client tell me, at the end of the project, that they’ve enjoyed working with the team: >>they benefitted from the energy that we put into achieving results, from our open-minded, respectful approach to their issues and people, from our ability to build consensus and create rapport. I guess that this aspect of how we carry out our work is as important for clients as the results we generate with them. This makes me even more passionate about the job I do!<<

Enrico Lanzavecchia foto piccola

Enrico Lanzavecchia
Milan Office

What makes Value Partners different from other consulting firms?
There are many things that make us different, although one aspect of Value Partners of which I am particularly proud is that we have created a firm focused on achieving client impact and results via strong team-work. >>New joiners from other firms immediately remark on our environment: collaboration between peers is genuine and void of competition, as we have purposefully kept hierarchy and bureaucracy to a minimum. At Value Partners you are in charge of your career, and all those around you will help you succeed be you junior or Partner.<<

At Value Partners your career path will be based exclusively on merit: there is the opportunity to fast track and make it varied.

Our people are outstanding problem solvers, and to foster this skills we ensure that your professional development is enriched by experience in a variety of countries, disciplines and lines of business.

The three pillars of your growth are our accurate staffing policies, the structured appraisal process, and the global training offer.


You’ll be offered, over the medium term, the opportunity to work on projects which are:

  • Varied by geographical area / industry / function
  • Instrumental to your professional development
  • Compatible, whenever possible, with your expressed interests and any significant personal commitment

Our client base is global and we have a cross-office staffing policy: this means that you will have the opportunity to not only travel locally but to also work on international projects generated by our offices around the world. We believe that international and diverse teams enrich both team members’experiences and the relationship we create with our clients.

Appraisal process

You’ll be evaluated at the end of every project by the project manager you’ve worked with, and also twice a year in structured appraisal meetings with all the partners. Each consultant is assigned a Development Leader who acts as a mentor during your career. Promotions are on the basis of personal merit and the contribution made to the firm. Our junior people are assessed on the following skills:

  • Problem-solving capability
  • Teamwork
  • Interaction with the client
  • Communication skills

From the very start of your career here, we’ll also assess your leadership qualities, and the drive and energy you demonstrate while working with your colleagues and with clients.


The training and professional development of our consultants is a priority at all levels. Although an important part comes from on the job coaching, our consultants take part in global and local training courses to develop and strengthen their professional skills (problem structuring, engagement management, client relationship skills etc). These global professional skills training courses have two main objectives: to ensure that we support you throughout your career and to allow you to meet and share your experiences with peers from other international offices. Global training is fun and it is an opportunity to make long lasting friendships with colleagues from around the world.

Our trainers are an interesting mix of people with a variety of international backgrounds and experiences.

One year with us

450 Analysis carried out
23 Presentations with CEOS
15 Trainings
176 New LinkedIn Contacts
14K km travelled
72 Flights
158 Hotel nights
3 Continents

One year with us

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