Pay TV: Struggle for relevance

A new perspective devoted to the Pay-TV’s market and its operators’ struggle to differentiate themselves in a very competitive environment. By Ali Güven, Partner, Ethemcan Bakırlıoğlu, SEM, Aras Gorkem Akyunak, ASC, and Sercan Aldatmaz, BA of the Istanbul office


Serie A sull’aereo

Selling Serie A soccer tickets using the channels of international carriers would have several benefits. An article based on Value Partners perspective “Dynamic ticket pricing. Squeezing more juice from half time oranges” by Enrico Lanzavecchia, Director, Marco Labianca, Associate, and…


O ano do mobile quando?

The impact of digital developments on magazine publishing business model. With an interview to Charles Monteux, SEM of the São Paulo office, and insights from the Value Partners perspective “Magazine Publisher´s Transformation” by Demetrio Di Martino, Charles Monteux, and Mark…