L’incertezza colpisce le banche

The Italian banks’ uncertain situation after the recent political election’s results and the fear of a political deadlock. Based on Value Partners’ quarterly bank report. […]

Profitti veri per 5,5 mld

The profits of five major Italian banks (Intesa SanPaolo, Unicredit, UBI Banca, Banco BPM and Bper) increased during 2017. Based on Value Partners’ quarterly bank […]

18 buoni motivi per non perdere il treno digitale

An interview to Giorgio Rossi Cairo on the digital challenge. […]

PMI Italiane più care per i fondi di Private Equity

A comment to the Value Partners perspective “2007-2016: the Italian Private Equity market a decade after the beginning of the crisis: fully recovered, but needs […]

Commissioni d’assalto

The seven largest and listed Italian banks’ profits are stable and supported by fees, and their non-performing exposures’ coverage has reached 54%. Based on Value […]

Riscossa per i big bancari

The five most important Italian banks have increased their profits by 73% during the first half of 2017. Based on an analysis by Value Partners, […]

Npl, la riscossa di Unicredit ora ha il portafoglio crediti più “pulito” del sistema

Non-performing loans (NPL) are currently decreasing as banks are getting reorganized. In this panorama, UniCredit’s credit portfolio stands out as the one with the best […]

Crescere tra crowdfunding e private equity

Crowdfunding and private equity: funding alternatives are necessary in a scenario where banks have a very cautious approach in granting loans. The article is based […]

Giù costi e rettifiche

The seven largest Italian banks’ profits increased during the first quarter of 2017 thanks to cost reductions and lower credit losses. With contributions by Antonino […]

Che mazzata sui bilanci

The FY 2016 results of the five largest Italian banks show that they are experiencing heavy losses due to large provisions on credit. The article […]

Cdp: riorganizza immobiliare, in CdpI asset problematici, il resto nella sgr

The reorganization of the Real Estate Business of the Italian National Promotional Bank Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) and Value Partners’ project to help them […]

Pay TV: Struggle for relevance

A new perspective devoted to the Pay-TV’s market and its operators’ struggle to differentiate themselves in a very competitive environment. By Ali Güven, Partner, Ethemcan […]

Con la fibra il mercato riparte – le Telco pronte alla battaglia aspettano lo sbarco di Niel

The new telecom market situation in Italy after the merge between Wind and 3. With a contribution by Enrico Lanzavecchia, Director. […]

Credito, è attesa una risalita

The Italian banks’ credit quality is improving though profits are decreasing. Based on an analysis by Value Partners on the eight largest Italian banks. […]

Npl in calo ma utili bassi

The eight largest Italian banks have confirmed their strong balance sheet in the first half of 2016, but their profits remain low. With comments by […]

Metà utili allo sportello

The eight biggest Italian banks’ profits have collapsed by half in the first quarter of 2016 compared to the first quarter of 2015. With comments […]

SME in Italy

A new perspective devoted to the key issues for PE funds investing in SMEs in Italy March. […]

Bilanci da riscossa

The eight biggest Italian banks’ margins have seen a 5,8 billion euros profit increase even if they are losing ground on the stock market. Based […]

Timori ingiustificati sulle banche

The state of health of the Italian banks, following the ECB’s request for additional information on the main UE banking groups. Based on an analysis […]

Emergenza alle spalle

The margins of the eight biggest Italian banks have increased in the first nine months of 2015; in spite of this, loans don’t restart. Based […]